Please see some snippets of presentations I have given on my research and passions below!


Physical and Mental Health Impact of Racism as a Stressor (2018)

Dr. Eugena Griffin provided overview of the Biopsychosocial aspect of racism on minority youth at the 2018 Fall Association of Black Educators of New York (ABENY) conference. She speaks up out of her book, Letters to the Black Community.

Dr. Eugena K. Griffin Speaks at the International Conference on Education, Chicago May 22, 2014

ICE May 2014 Dr. Eugena K. Griffin discusses the importance of curriculum adopting mechanisms for aspiring teachers to develop a culturally relevant teaching style to reflect all student populations, including those identified as minority. Such is suggested to increase minority student achievement, retention, and self-esteem.

Creating Literacy for Social Change, November 8th 2015

Moving past the simplistic definition of literacy...exploring what is means to be literate from a socio-cultural preview to increase positive social change for Blacks & Hispanics. Self help books, titled "Letters to the Black Community" and 'The Steps I Took" available via and/or

Dr. Griffin at the National Social Science Association Conference (St. Louis) October 3rd, 2016

Dr. Griffin speaks on cognitive psychology techniques to use in the classroom to captivate and empower non-traditional age community college students. Visit to view additional videos, book products, speaking engagements, and/or invite her to your program.

Association of Black Educators Conference November 2013

Dr. Eugena K. Griffin facilitated a discussion surrounding the topic, "Creating Success...Unlocking the Potential of Urban Youth."

African American Authors Expo August 2013

Dr. Eugena K. Griffin received an award for her second book, workbook, titled "The Steps I Took".